Lot 69


EATING ROOM TABLE oval with central extensions
Reassembly from a 19th Century table
Mahogany veneer
Six feet sheathing shoe
76.5 x 146 x 114 cm (closed)
With two white wooden extensions (L. 49.5 cm)

SUITE OF SIX CHAIRS with gondola backrest and vertical bar
Mahogany stained wood
Movable pancake seat
82.5 x 49 x 43 cm

Flamed mahogany veneer
Three drawers and four leaves
Black speckled granite top
Detached column front uprights with bronze bushings
Forefoot column
103 x 200 x 60 cm
(one side fading)

Nine-light chandelier in the shape of an antique lamp
Gold bronze with black patina and patinated sheet metal
Eight crown light arms and one damping light
Roses and palmette decoration
H. 115 cm - D. 68 cm

Pair of two-light arm sconces
Golden Bronze
Roses and wheat ears decoration
H; 36.5 cm - W. 30 cm