Lot 295

Flat trunk
N°120185 - French registration document
The Citroën Traction Avant was born in 1934 as a 7CV, the 11CV tax-powered model only appearing a few months later for the Paris Motor Show, in two body styles, including a smaller one called 11 Légère.
Our model, put into circulation on January 1, 1937 was put back on the road in 2014.
The engine starts without difficulty and runs without vibration or abnormal noise.
The upholstery (seats, doors and roof) has been redone in blue/grey and taupe fabric, and is in very good condition (a stain on the front seat).
The carpets and rubber door seals are in good condition.
The car has been repainted (non-original grey tint) at an unknown date and has blistering on the front right and rear left fenders due to poor preparation.
It is equipped with fender shoes, an exhaust outlet and a ROBRI plate holder and "pilot" wheels with square punctures.
The chromes are slightly pitted, especially on the wheel covers.
One of the CIBIE headlights is cracked (right front).
Such suns are veiled and the ship's clock needs to be revised.
This beautiful pre-war model put up for sale following guardianship will require little work to get it up and running again.

Legal lot: Fees 14,40% TTC
Sold as is