Lot 296

DAIMLER V8 250 - 1968
French car registration - Left-hand drive
JAGUAR buys DAIMLER in 1960 and equips its Jaguar Mark II bodies with the V8 engine previously fitted to the Daimler SP 250 Sport.
The brand thus creates a very luxurious variant of the sport sedan by perpetuating the DAIMLER brand.
17620 Copies were manufactured from 1963 to 1969.
Our copy sold following a succession of an engine that starts without difficulty and runs without vibration or abnormal noise.
The grey/bronze upholstery, matching the bodywork, and the walnut upholstery are in a good state of presentation.
Roof trim in grey fabric redone
MOTOLETA steering wheel
The redone grey/bronze paint has small blisters and some chrome is slightly pitted.
Electric power steering
Modern car radio and manually operated circuit breaker

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