Lot 3330

Chryselephantine flower girl
in the style of Ferdinand Preiss, around 1910, unsigned, metal casting in cold painting in silver and blue, ivory finely carved, elegant young lady as ballerina in a ruched dress and with corkscrew curls, in a raised pose carrying a bouquet of flowers in her arm, on an octagonal faceted plinth, on a light green onyx base with beautiful grain, head glued, otherwise very good condition, H sculpture approx. 13 cm, h total ca. 17,5 cm. Artist info: Johann Philipp Ferdinand Preiss (Erbach 1882 to 1943 Berlin) important German sculptor and ivory carver, pupil of Phillipp Willmann, study trips to Berlin. Milan, Rome and Paris, worked in Berlin, where he founded his own company Preiss & Kassler, whose collection initially included small ivory sculptures, including children's statuettes and sculptures, and from 1910 the first combined bronze and ivory sculptures were created. Source: Deutsches Elfenbeinmuseum Erbach, From Art Nouveau to Art Deco, p. 121, Preiss, Ferdinand.