Lot 287

RARE BEYLICAL MEDALS, TUNISIA, ORDER OF NICHAN EL AHED EL AMAN EL MOURASSA, (Order of the Fundamental Covenant), promulgated on 10 septembre 1857 by Bey Mohamed Es Sadok (1859-1881).
Complete set of the reign of Mohamed Habib Bey, dated 1347H. (1928-29), in yellow gold (750) and green and red enamels, comprising a jewel and a plaque, consisting of a ten-pointed star, centred on a medallion with an inscription in Arabic on the background of the Beylical arms. Suspension by rod, forming a green enamelled standard decorated with a scimitar, topped by a crescent and a bélière and by a tilting pin and two side hooks. With its complete scarf. In its original box, a case from the House of Arthus Bertrand.
(One stone missing).

Tunisian hallmark with the head of

a harnessed horse.

Signed on the back "ARTHUS


Tunisia, beginning of

XXe siècle.

The jewel: 8.1 x 4.6 CM (3 3/16 X

1 13/16 in.

)Gross weight


37 gLa plate: 7.85 x 7, 05 CM (3 1/16 X 2 3/4


)Gross weight: 77 g