Lot 27.BIS

27 BIS. BION (Nicolas). A treatise on the construction and main uses of mathematical instruments. Second edition [.] Paris, Veuve Boudot, Ganeau, Robustel, Rondet, 1716.
In-8 of [8]-389-[3] pp. Brown calf, spine with nerves decorated, title p. in red mar.
Second edition, decorated with a vignette engraved on copper by Nicolas Guérard, repeated once, and 30 engraved plates numbered 1-28 and A-B.
This work, one of the best old books on the subject, by the engineer Nicolas Bion (1652-1733), describes the construction and use of instruments for mathematics, physics, navigation, etc.: compasses, levels, octants, compasses, dials, microscopes, etc.
Scrubbed if not good copy.