Lot 4239

Ca. Ø51mm, ca. 109g, 18K gold, hunting case à-goutte, engine turned, very high quality case, dome signed, inscribed 'Ankergang - Chronometer-Unruhe, Moritz Grossmann Glashütte in Sachsen, 20 Rubine', Glashütte precision lever movement in best quality 1A with screwed gold chatons, diamond endstone, gold lever, gold escapement wheel, manually engraved cock, winding wheels with Grossmann's triple decoration, rare Grossmann's chronometer balance, under the dial signed M. Grossmann Glashütte 5203, perfectly preserved enamel dial, blued steel hands, in working order and in very beautiful condition, rarity for the connoisseur of rare Glashütte pocket watches.