Lot 424

Theodore GERICAULT (1791-1824). Satyr and nymph. Proof in coated plaster. Signed at the bottom. H : 29 ; W : 36 ; D : 15 cm. Note: Foundry plaster made by Rudier in 1928 from the original stone (circa 1818) kept in the Museum of Rouen in view of the bronze edition. The love of the satyr for a nymph is a mythological theme treated with lightness. But here the satyr is an athletic male and the woman, exhausted by the grip, is placed on the ground in a position reminiscent of rape. The two bodies, laid bare and faceless, oppose each other around a void that takes on a constructive value, heralding the developments of contemporary sculpture. Michelangelo's influence in the direction of the block, the beauty of the male torso, the pose and canon of the woman and the non-finito aspect of the work have made it possible to date the stone sculpture around 1818, in relation to the artist's drawings.