Lot 107

Set of pewter figurines:
- "Soldats de plomb et figurines civiles" by Christian
Blondieau. Soldiers round-bump First Empire.
- Miscellaneous lot including buildings and houses of dioramas, 18th century characters, trees and box decorations.
- Various First Empire items including SEGOM - CBG including: horsemen in combat, carriages, camp and soldier in the field.
- Fine painting: antiquity, 16th and 17th centuries, horse-drawn carriages, elephants harnessed in battle, Romans, horsemen of the Court of Francis I, guards and cardinals with royal tents.
- Fine and workshop painting, SEGOM manufacture and various: cavalrymen and infantrymen of the First Empire, villagers and houses, artillerymen, Mamelukes and cuirassiers in charge.
About 300 pieces.
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Location of the item
France - 75009 Paris