Lot 16


Mochica Culture, Northern Peru
Intermediate Elder, 100 B.C. - 600 AD
H. 28.5 cm - D. 15 cm
Ceramic with ochre slip and brick-red paint.
Globular vase with a flat bottom surmounted by a bowed handle and a
vertical tubular neck. The body of the vase is decorated with plant motifs.
as well as two warriors wearing masks armed with clubs and
Broken neck glued, visible splinters (neck, body).
Provenance :
- Franco Monti Collection, 1960-1970's
Exhibitions/Publications :
- Arte Precolombiana, Gallery 'La Palma', Locarno-Quai, Switzerland,
exhibition from May 30 to June 30, 1961, described under n°34