Lot 18


Colima Culture, Western Mexico
Protoclassical, 100 BC-250 AD.
H. 41 cm - W. 20 cm
Ceramic with brick red slip, heavy limescale deposit, oxides of
Character sitting in a suit holding a cup in his hands. The head,
with a cranial deformity, is covered with an ornate headdress
of a shamanic horn. Characteristic face of the Colima culture:
coffee-bean eyes, prominent aquiline nose, incised mouth, ears
breakthroughs. On the top of the skull, oval opening. Visible splinters,
right earring chipped, broken cut.
- Alfred Stendhal Gallery, Los Angeles, 1960s.
- Franco Monti Collection, 1960-1970s
Exhibition/Publication :
- Arte Precolombiana, Mesoamerica, Gallery 'Milano', Milan, exhibition
from January to April 1967, described under No. 11