Lot 23


Nayarit Culture, Western Mexico
Protoclassical, 100 BC-250 AD.
H. 42 cm - L. 18 cm
Hollow ceramic with reddish-brown slip and white ornamental paint,
black oxidations
Kneeling woman, thighs apart in a delivery position,
with your hands on your stomach. She's naked, the sex strongly emphasized
as well as the chest. She's wearing a beautiful three-row necklace
decorated and bracelets on the arms. Typical head of the Nayarit culture
with open eyes framing a long straight nose with dilated nostrils.
Ears supporting rings. Ritually deformed skull towards the
high to the incised hair. Good condition.
- Alfred Stendhal Gallery, Los Angeles, 1960s.
- Franco Monti Collection
Exhibition/Publication :
- Arte Precolombiana, Mesoamerica, Galleria Milano, Milan, exhibition
from January to April 1967, n°14