Lot 6

PTOLEM VI (180-145 B.C.) or PTOLEM VIII (145-116 B.C.) Golden
Octodrachma (100 drachmas) in the name of Arsinoe II. Alexandria. 27.97 g.
Formerly attributed to Ptolemy II (Svoronos 475).
A/ Veiled and draped bust of Arsinoe on the right wearing the stephanè, surmounted by a sceptre. K behind the head.
R/ ARSINOHS - FILADELFOU Double horn of plenty accosted by a bunch of grapes hanging on either side, with a floating strip on each side.
Svoronos 1904, p. 247, n°1498, pl. LI/18 - SNG Copenhagen n° 322, pl. XI.
Expressive portrait of Arsinoe divinized. Superb copy.
Sale Hôtel Drouot, Paris, November 7, 1983, n° 99.

Location of the item
France - 75002 Paris