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LOUIS XIV (1643-1715)
Advent of Louis XIV in 1643.
Gold medal. 92,96 g. 50,9 mm.
A/ LVDOVICVS. XIIII.D. G. FR. ET. NAV. REX Draped and armoured bust, bare head of Louis XIV on the right; long curly hair with the cross of the Order of the Holy Spirit.
R/. ANNA. D. G. - FR. ET. NAV. REG.
Veiled and draped bust of Anne of Austria, on the right with long hair falling over the bust.
Engraver: J. Varin (unsigned).
T.N.G. Méd. franc. 2nd part, pl. XXIII, n°2 -
Mazerolle, Jean Varin, p. 88, n°19.
Slight shock on the edge.
Of a rare and beautiful insignia.
Ratto, September 23, 1948.
Louis XIII died on May 14, 1643. Richelieu died the previous year, recommending Mazarin to the king. Louis XIV, born in 1638, was four and a half years old. Anne of Austria is appointed Regent.

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