Lot 13

The False Peter III or the Life and Adventures of the Rebel Jemeljan Pugatschew.
Based on the Russian original by Mr. F. S. G. W. D. B.
In London, at C. H. Seyffert's house, 1775.
In-8, 296 pp., contemporary binding in speckled calf, spine ribbed and floral spine with black titleplate.
A. B. E. (traces of use, small lacks). Original edition. Portrait on the frontispiece.

This is indeed a fictionalized account, although the author presents himself as the translator of a Russian historiographical work and has accompanied the narrative with a critical pomp intended to reinforce the impression of authenticity.
Jemeljan Pugachev, a fake tsar and a real Cossack in revolt, was originally from the Don region, and from 1773 to 1774 fomented a powerful jacquerie. Pugachev pretended to be Peter III (the real one was assassinated in 1762) and led a Cossack revolt that was soon swollen by men belonging to the rebellious peoples on the margins of the Empire. Catherine II, understanding the threat a little late, finally reacted and sent troops that defeated the People's Army. Pugachev was captured and executed.

Provenance: Library of Martin Winkler (professor, Slavic, great collector of ancient books on Russia). Germany.

Лже Петр III или жизнь и приключения Емельяна Пугачева. С гравированным портретом Пугачева на фронтсписе. Исторический роман с критическими дополнениями.
Провенанс: Библиотека Мартина Винклера (профессор, славист, большой коллекционер редкой книги о России). Германия.