Lot 238

IMPORTANT TRAVEL NECESSARY of rectangular shape in mahogany, decorated with a copper plate engraved "Made by MAIRE Ft de nécessaires, rue St Honoré n° 43, opposite the Oratory in Paris", the lid containing an easel mirror, the brass frame engraved with palms. It presents in reserves:
- a travel saucepan, a chocolate maker (with its moussoir), four cylindrical boxes, a stove, in plain silver; 1798-1809.
- six flasks and a box in engraved white crystal, the stoppers and lids in silver.
- a teapot with two cups and saucers in polychrome enamelled porcelain, a glass engraved with flowers
- a pair of removable silver candleholders; 1798-1809
- one table fork and one table spoon (1798-1809) and two silver teaspoons, plain and filleted model, one table knife with metal blade and brown wood handle (accident)
- a plain silver oval basin (1798-1809) containing a wooden display with three pivoting levels containing: combs, measuring rods, brushes, dry-point compass, pair of scissors, polisher, handles, punches, cases, hand razor, and various ivory or tortoiseshell toiletry items, as well as a removable mirror at the bottom.
With various wooden cases and handles.
(Missing and accidents).
XIXth century, several master goldsmiths, mainly Jacques-Brice BEAUFORT.
Weight of the pieces : 1 615 g. Dimensions of the case : 41.5 x 27.5 x 14 cm. (accidents).