Lot 298

BEAUTIFUL OILER-WINE GIFT SET in silver, MONTPELLIER 1752 by Marc BAZILLE received in 1732. Of gondola shape, it rests on four openwork feet ending in windings and scrolls attached to a stylized shell. The body with a scrolled and filleted rim has three lobes at the ends. The brackets and cork-holders consist of openwork console posts connected by a moulded belt, with a common oval base joining the feet of the cork-holder. They are attached to the basin by an olive attachment system. The corks, in doucine, are provided with a spinning top button (tiny slit on the inside of a cork). Pds. 1112 g. Length. 26.5 cm. Width 14,5 cm. Bibliography: A model quite close to the same goldsmith illustrated in Laurent DEGUARA's work on the Goldsmith's trade of Montpellier and Languedoc p.45.