Lot 2232

An impressive spinel bead pendant, the spinel weighs approximately 108cts, measuring 31.28 x 20.80 x 16.75mm, suspended from a gold-coloured fabric necklace Accompanied by report number GRS2020-027183 dated 13 February 2020 from GRS, Switzerland stating that the polished and drilled spinel is a natural pink spinel with no indications of heat treatment. Origin: Tajikistan Provenance: Family tradition holds that the spinel originated from the Indian Nawab family, who claim to have acquired this Mughal stone when the Poet King Wajid Ali Shah (the last king of Awadh) was exiled by the British to Garden Reach, Matiabruz in 1856. The spinel is possibly from the Badakhshan mine, in the ~Pamir~ region on the frontier between Afgahnistan and Tajikistan.