Lot 4

MANUSCRIPT BIBLE from the 3rd quarter of the 13th century. Arras or Cambrai circa 1250-1275, 270 x 180 mm. Justification 173 x 100 mm. Manuscript on parchment of 325 ff. with several initials painted in burnished gold, bound in a vol. in-4, brown bottom, large cold-stamped frame on the plates, spine ribbed, historiated silver clasps (16th century rel.).
Textura writing in black ink. Text of 60 lines on 2 columns.
Composition of the text: f.1 Preface by s.Jerome - f.3 Genesis - f.16v Exodus - f.27 Leviticus - f.34
Numbers - f.43v Deuteronomy - f.52 Joshua - f.58v The Judges - f.65 Ruth - f.66 Kings I - f.74v Kings II - f.81 Kings III - f.89 Kings IV - f.97v Paralipomenes
I - f.105 Paralipomenes II - f.114 Esdra - f.121 Esdra II and Esdra III - f.124v
Tobit - f.127 Judith - f.130 Esther - f.133v Job - f.139v Psalms - f.156
Parable - f.161 Ecclesiastes - f.163 Song of Songs - f.164 Wisdom
- f.168 Ecclesiasticus - f.178v Isaiah - f.191v Jeremiah - f.208 Baruch - f.210
Ezekiel - f.223 Daniel - f.228v Hosea - f.230 Joel - f.231 Amos - f.233
Obadiah - f.233V Jonah - f.234 Micah - f.234v Nahum - f.236 Habakkuk followed by Zephaniah - f.237 Haggai - f.237v Zechariah - f.239 Malachi - f.240v
Maccabees I - f.247v Maccabees II - f.253 Gospel of St. Matthew - f.261
Gospel of St. Matthew - f.261 Gospel of St. Paul - f.262 Gospel of St. Paul - f.262 Mark - f. 266 Gospel of St. Luke - f. 273v Gospel of St. John - marginal notes - f. 280v Romans - f. 283v Corinthians I - f. 287
Corinthians II - f. 289 Galatea - f. 290 Ephesians - f.291 Philippians - f.291v
Colossians - f. 292 Thessalonians - f. 292 v Thessalonians II - f.293v
Timothy - f.294v Titus - f.295 Philemon - f.295 Hebrews
- f.297v Act of the Apostles - f.306 Epistle of St. James the Apostle - f.306v Epistle of St. Peter I and II - f.308 Epistle of St. John I, II and III - f.309 Epistle of St. Jude - f.309 Revelation.
ff. 314 to 325 contemporary addition interpretation of Hebrew names from A to G (missing the end).
Decoration of the manuscript:
f.3 represents an initial historiated on a golden background by a small master from Picard at the beginning of Genesis: the creation and history of Adam and Eve and their expulsion to paradise.
Champion initials at the head of the prefaces. They are executed in burnished gold and adorned in the field with scrolls also in burnished gold. This type of champion initials, only found in Picardy at the time, indicates the luxury of the manuscript as well as the promiscuity of the Mosan craftsmen who are the best reliquary craftsmen, goldsmiths, masters of the arts and fire.
Ff. 71, 83, 87 and 111 are cut out at the bottom, ff. 63, 138, 188 and 253 a small hole reaching a little bit to the text. Frs. 140, 158, 160, 185, 195, 198 and 237 marginal hole, stains in ff. 180-181 and 182. Qq. leaves sewn together on ff.
216, 305, qq. restorations, marginal wetting and browning.
First plate detached, black spot on spine, endpapers renewed (19th century).

Location of the item
France - 75002 Paris