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ORDER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. The statutes of the Order of the Holy Spirit are established by
Henry III. Paris, Imprimerie Royale, 1788, in-4, 2 ff. - 399 pp., red morocco, roulette fleurdelysée, spandrels with the dove of the Holy Spirit, French coat of arms in the centre, back decorated with the Grotesque of flames of the Holy
Spirit and fleur de lys, green title coin, blue paper guard, gold tr.
seals (rel. of the period).
With a nice title with frame, 3 headbands and 5 culs-de-lampe. The last edition of Ancien Régime. The Order of the Holy Spirit, which brought together the most prestigious dignitaries of the Catholic party, was dissolved in 1791.
It reappeared in 1814 under the Restoration and disappeared for good in 1830. It kept its official red morocco binding with the irons of the Holy
Spirit and the arms of France. Olivier, 2494-2495.
Qq. Scratches on the covers and slight wetness on the 2nd cover and central worm gallery on the first 20 leaves. Handwritten annotations on the title

Location of the item
France - 75002 Paris