A Pappas Idol
Greek, Boeotian 6th cent. B.C..
Terracotta. H. 14.2 cm. W. (with arms) 7 cm. D. max. (base) 3.8 cm
Flat, board-like body that widens towards the base. The face is characterized by painted dots for the eyes and a distinctive, triangular projecting nose. The figure wears a low, conical polos on its head, from which two plastically offset strands of hair fall down over the shoulders on either side. Two short, laterally projecting arms. Patterns and details painted in dark brown matt glaze enliven the polos, the face, the strands of hair and the robe. Condition: The volute emerging from the front of the polos missing. Left arm reattached. A break through the neck. A fragment is reattached to at the back. Minor infills. Rim of foot slightly worn. Glaze abraded or lost in places. Slightly sintered, especially at the back.
Formerly Coll. Prof. Hans Dahn (1919-2019), Lausanne; acquired 15.07.1958 in Basel.

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