A Head of a Woman
Western Greek mid-5th cent. B.C..
Terracotta. H. 8 cm. W. 7.5 cm
Slender, elongated face with almond-shaped eyes and broad upper eyelids. A broad hairband or diadem covers much of the smooth, centrally parted hair. A veil-like headdress projects outwards at the back of the head. Archaizing style. Mould-made. Neck and a small part of the upper body preserved. From a statuette. Condition: Minor surface loss at the bottom of the veil. Deposits on the surface.
Formerly priv. coll. Tom Virzi (1881-1974), New York. With Galleria Serodine, Ascona (publ.: Galleria Serodine, Terrakotten aus Westgriechenland, Casa Serodine Ascona, 1.4.-23.5.1994). Thereafter priv. coll. Switzerland. Old label "488".

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