Upper Part of a Female Statuette
Ptolemaic 3rd cent. B.C..
Terracotta, polychromy. H. 10.3 cm. W. 6 cm
Attractive fragment showing a young woman with melon coiffure. The well-preserved polychromy makes her amiable facial features seem exceptionally life-like. The eyes and eyebrows are painted black, the lips red. The shade of orange selected for the skin extends over the neck and left breast. It follows that that breast is bared, whereas the other is concealed behind a mantle with thick border, which is pulled up over the head and where there are traces of green paint in places. This allows the figure to be identified as the goddess Isis – or Aphrodite, who in Ptolemaic Egypt was equated with her. She might have been a kourotrophos, i.e. a figure presented with child. Around her neck is a chain painted in red. Mould-made. Condition: Large areas of white clay slip and remains of polychromy.
Formerly priv. coll. Rhode Island.

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