Lot 282

Courtly splendor wheel lock pistol (buffer)Saxony, around 1590. very rare, museum-like, well-preserved wheel lock buffer. Angular, round barrel, caliber approx. 16 mm. Full employment and large ball pommel with extremely high-quality engraved leg inlay with roller meanders and scales, as well as mascarons and fruit bouquets. The inlays and the stock come from Claus Hirt from Wasungen / Thuringia (mentioned 1580-1600). Gilded, engraved and openwork wheel arch. Inside engraved lock in the form of a mythical animal head. Ramrod, with appropriate leg scales. On the lock plate mark with rising lion to the left and letter "L". Signs of aging, rest, medallion in the ball pommel is missing, some missing parts in the pommel. L. 59 cm.