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- GENERALITY OF BETS 1781. RAGE OF DOGS, Epidemic and Epizootic Diseases. BY THE KING (Louis XVI). Order of the Intendant of the Generality of PARIS: Louis Bénigne François BERTIER, Chevalier, Superintendent of Household, Finances, Domains & Affairs of the Queen (Marie-Antoinette), concerning the functions of the Trustees in each Parish. From 27th November 1781. "Not being able to take precautions too exact to be instructed promptly of all that may concern the safety and health of the King's Subjects, in the Parishes of the Generality of Paris, as well as the conservation of the instruments of culture and of epidemic and epizootic diseases, in order to provide the parishes which are attacked with the help which will be necessary to them and to prevent the consequences, We thought it necessary to prescribe to the Trustees what they will have to do in this respect." As soon as there are 4 or 5 patients in the same parish, he must give notice immediately. If he has knowledge that any rabid dog or suspected rabies has bitten someone, he must give notice immediately... as soon as these people have been bitten, they will voluntarily go to the Establishment we have just made in SAINT-DENIS..." - Printed in PARIS, by the Royal Printing Office, 1781. Vignette Royale and Fleurs de lys. Cupboard (54 x 40) State B.

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