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- SEINE MARITIME. 1792. District of NEUFCHÂTEL EN BRAY (76). SALE OF NATIONAL DOMAINS. "It is hereby announced that on Monday, February 6, 1792, Year 4 of Liberty, before the administrators composing the Board of Directors of the District of NEUFCHÂTEL, in the Board Room of the District, it will be proceeded... with the reception of the first Bids, to arrive at the sales of the Goods detailed below, & whose final auction will take place on the 20th of the same month: namely: In the Municipalities of Vatierville, du Caule, Villers-sur-Foucarmont (a barn which belonged to the Beneficiary-Council of Villers-sur-Aumale), Auvilliers, Foucarmont (Bois-taillis which belonged to the former Abbey of FOUCARMONT), S. Léger-au-Bois, Menouval, Guerville (land formerly belonging to the Abbey of Aumale), Fréauville, Bailly-en-Campagne,...". - Posted January 28, 1792 Printed in ROUEN, at Louis OURSEL, Imprimeur du Roi & du Département de la Seine-Inférieure, rue de la Vicomté, 1792.Cupboard (74 x 50) State A.

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