Lot 349

AN 4. AIN. "HEARING of the TRIBUNAL OF CORRECTIONAL POLICE in BOURG, chief town of the department of Ain". 25 Pluviôse year 4 (14 February 1796) - "Pronounces that Alexandre GUILLON Cultivator residing in THOL, is sentenced to 4 days imprisonment". Being of Guard, he spread insults and bad words against the officer of the Post Office; that following this excess, he had torn and thrown to the fire a printed document of the Department posted at the Corps de Garde. BOTTEX Municipal Officer of the Commune of NEUVILLE-SUR-AIN was insulted and mistreated in the exercise of his duties. Vignette "Equality, Liberty" & frieze of Phrygian caps -Impr. in BOURG, from the Printing works of DUFOUR and JOSSERAND.
Cupboard (47 x 38) State A

Location of the item
France - 75009 - paris