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EASTERN PYRENEES. 1802. "Decree concerning the Raising of the WRITERS ordered by the Law of 28 Floréal Year 10.". Done at PERPIGNAN on 8 Vendémiaire Year 11 (30 Sept 1802) - MARTIN Brigadier General, Prefect of the Pyrénées Orientales. "Table of the 1st Arrondissement of the Department of Pyrénées Orientales, intended to be used as a base for the operations of the Levée de Conscrits by the Law of 28 Floréal and by the decree of the Consuls of 18 Thermidor Year 10" (Perpignan, Rivesaltes, Estagel, Thuir, Opoul, Caudiès, Corneilla de la Rivière, Elne, Cabestany, Pia, Saint-Estève, La-Tour, Caramany, Millas, Saint-Feliu-d'Aval, Neffiac, Saint-Paul, Maury, Baixas, Saint-Laurent, Claira, Passa, Trullas.) - Printed in PERPIGNAN, at Tastu and Widow Reynier, Prefecture Printers. Cupboard (94 x 43) State A

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