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EURE. SUM. 1829. SALE OF THE CASTLE OF BEAUREGARD in FONTENAY-EN-VEXIN (EURE) built by order of Abbot Guillaume AMFRYE DE CHAULIEU, a libertine poet, where he made his home and where he composed his poetic works. Property of the Minor Children of Mr Charles François Victor de DOMPIERE D'HORNOY, Owner, Member of the Chamber of Deputies, Mayor of the Commune of HORNOY (80), the only heirs of their mother Madame Adélaïde Hélène de FAYET, his late wife. "The beautiful Land of BEAUREGARD located in the Commune of FONTENAY, Canton of ECOS,... for sale on judicial publications, by the Ministry of Mr. DREVET Notary in TOURNY." Done at AMIENS (80) on August 31, 1829. - Printed in AMIENS, by R. MACHART. (Description of the goods for sale, Castle, park, farmhouse and land.) Stamped poster (90 x 42). State B.

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France - 75009 - paris
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