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HEISENBERG WERNER: (1901-1976) German Theoretical Physicist, one of the key pioneers of Quantum Mechanics. Nobel Prize winner for Physics, 1932. A fine T.L.S., `W. Heisenberg´, one page, folio, Munich, 7th January 1964, to Dr. Hans Dichgans, in German. Heisenber g states in part `..You can use both contents, the one of the letter attached and addressed to the Minister of Education, as well as the one of my speech to the members of Parliament…´ and further referring to funds destinated to science and investigation, Heisenberg says ` I would regret if more than half of this sum, as it was reported to me, would go abroad, because the amount of the ''membership fees'' which we give to international science, is overreaching in comparison with the science contributions in Germany. Anyway, a real cooperation in international science enterprises, which I appreciate very much, is only possible if the direction of science in question within Germany is organized with great energy and resources.´ With two binder holes to the left border, not affecting the text or signature, otherwise VG