Lot 83

BEAUTIFUL CABINET in tortoiseshell, ebony, rosewood, boxwood and blackened wood with rich ornamentation of gilded bronzes, opening with nine drawers and a door. Front with projections in the middle part with columns and a niche sheltering a figure of Hercules choking the lion of Nemea; this central part opens out revealing eight interior drawers decorated with friezes of circles; upper part with a gallery and crown in the form of an aedicula decorated with the fight between Hercules and the centaur
Eurytion. Legs with eight baluster columns linked by a moulded shelf resting on claws enclosing spheres.
Spain, 17th century
Height: 210 cm - Length: 137 cm - Depth: 53 cm
(later period frame).

Location of the item
France - 75116 Paris