Lot 16

Height: 103 cm. (40½ in.) |

US$12,000-17,000 | £9,100-14,000

El Hadj Yende Amadou, Foumban, Cameroon Private German
collection, acquired from the latter in 1969
Elegant statue of great geometric abstraction, presenting all the characteristic elements of the figurative style of the Mumuye people, inhabiting the
mountainous region situated in the north-east of Nigeria, south of the Benue River. The elongated cylindrical trunk, thinned in the centre, is stripped of all artifice
and sexual features. The head, framed by large ears, ends at the top in a sagittal ridge. The circular eyes are carved into the
wood. The mouth is signified by a horizontal incision. From the front, the long sinuous arms suspended on both sides of the body accentuate the
vertical dynamics and the slender look of the sculpture. In profile, the drooping shoulders and angular arms, with elbows stretched backwards, follow a slightly curved movement. The back has sharp angles and protruding edges.
The hands and fingers are represented by a bulge and parallel incisions at the end of the arms.

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