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[Pauline de Beaumont] Four autograph letters of five pages in-12, without dates and addresses, unsigned (perhaps from the hand of Madame de Vintimille, friend of Pauline). Letters full of tenderness and love for Pauline de Beaumont. "... I won't go out, but if you come late I won't be alone anymore and to see each other without talking is less a happiness than a torment. Suard whom I love dine with you. Treat him kindly. He likes you, I don't know anyone who has better taste. This morning, while thinking of you, I opened the letters of Madame de St. (Staël) and I haven't left them. Don't come and tell me any more that I am as witty as she is, but tell me, tell me that you love me more". About an appointment that Pauline forgot " ...don't think that your feeling is wrong and let me believe that it must enlighten you about mine. Believe again that I distinguish with the exaggeration of exaltation, the principle of one is in the head, the focus of the other in the heart ... ". Two letters, one on a Monday. He offers his horses to come and see her, and the other one on Sunday. "...Write me a little word of forgiveness, compensation, friendship above all. You have made the conquest of Clarisse, she said to me - I have not yet met a young woman with such a spirit - I assured her that she was right - She also said to me - Madame de Beaumont seems to love you - I had replied again: you are right, tell me, my dear, that she is right and tell you that I love you. »

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