Lot 26

With polychrome decoration of bouquets of flowers and cabbage leaf motifs underlined by blue combed and gold nets Comprising :
- one hundred and forty-four cabbage leaf plates,
- Fourteen soup plates,
- a covered oval sugar bowl on an adjoining tray called Mr. First's Sugar Bowl,
- seven covered coolers, six of them with lining,
- two glass buckets, H. 12 cm
- two liqueur buckets, H.: 13 cm
(5 ¼ in.),
- four topette buckets, H.: 15 cm.
(5 ¾ in.),
- two bottle buckets, H.: 19 cm
(7 ½ in.),
- four oval liqueur buckets, two of them with their partition, L.: 32 cm (12 ½ in.),
- one crenellated oval bucket for glasses, L.: 33 cm (13 in.),
- nine juice jars, eight of which are covered, H.: 7.5 cm (3 in.),
- fifteen compote shells, L.: 22 cm (8 ¾ in.),
- eight lozenge compote dishes, L.: 29.5 cm (11 ¾ in.),
- eight oval fruit compote, L.: 27.5 cm (10 ¾ in.),
- ten oval cabbage leaf compote, L: 22 cm (8 ¾ in.),
- six square stewed fruit compote, L: 22.5 cm (8 ¾ in.),
- six triangular stewed fruit compote, L: 21 cm (8 ¼ in.),
- six round cabbage leaf compote, L.: 22 cm (8 ¾ in.), six round cabbage leaf compote, L.: 22 cm (8 ¾ in.),
- two round cabbage leaf bowls, L.: 23.5 cm (9 ¼ in.),
- five cabbage leaf salad bowls, L.: 23.5 cm (9 ¼ in.),
- three large round cabbage leaf bowls, L.: 27 cm (10 ¾ in.)
Various letter-date of F for 1758 in the revolutionary period, a majority of the pieces dated M for 1765, marks of the painters Sioux, Micaud, Levé, Rosset, Méreaud, Baudouin, Cardin, Vandé, Bertrand, Laroche, Vavasseur, Pierre Jeune, Bouillat, JD, Fontaine, Morin, La France, Tandart, Binet, Le Bel, m :x, Melle Armand, vt; nineteen plates, the two glass buckets, three square compote dishes, six shell compote dishes and the glass roof overdecorated in the 19th century in the style of Sèvres(259)
For 26 plates: Sale in Paris, Hôtel Drouot, June 21, 2001, lot 98.
For the rest: Former Lily and Edmond Safra Collection, Paris, Acquired from them by the current owner.
An important composite Sevres soft-paste porcelain part-diner service, 18th century