Lot 153

A TEA AND COFFEE SERVICE, AND A SILVER PLATERY SERVICE Goldsmith Edmond Tétard (1880-1903) - Paris, for the tea and coffee service
Goldsmith Eugène Michaut (1882-1896) - Paris, for the platerie service
In a wooden chest, signed "Moutot, 18, rue de la Paix, Paris", including :
- a silver tea and coffee set (950) with torsos ribs, baluster-shaped, engraved with a wedding coat of arms and a motto surmounted by a crown and a crest, silversmith Edmond Tétard (1880-1903) - Paris, composed of a teapot, a coffee pot, a sugar bowl and its lid, a milk jug (the hinge broken); in silver metal of the same model : a kettle and its stove (one wooden handle to be refixed), a rectangular tray with handles (one to be refixed)
- a silver platerie service (950), model with contours and rocailles, silversmith Eugène Michaut (1882-1896) - Paris; signed " Moutot, 18, rue de la Paix, Paris ", composed of : 2 covered round vegetable trays and their interior; 2 oval sauce boats and their interior; a creamer with adherent tray (the lid uneven); 2 oval dishes (different sizes); 5 round dishes (different sizes)
Accidents and scratches
Dimensions of the vegetables: H.: 19 cm (7 ½ in.); D.: 21.8 cm (8 ½ in.)
Dimensions of sauce boats: L.: 24.5 cm (9 ¾ in.); W.: 16 cm (6 ¼ in.)
Dimensions of the oval dishes: L.: 44 and 50 cm (17 ¼ and 19 ¾ in.); W.: 29.5 and 33.5 cm (11 ½ and 13 ¼ in.)
D. round dishes: for one: 33 cm (13 in.), for two: 30 cm (11 ¾ in.), for two: 27 cm (10 ½ in.)
Dimensions of the tray: 72.5 x 47.5 cm (28 ½ x 18 ¾ in.)
Gross weight: 13 Kg 828
A 5-piece silver tea and coffee set, by Edmon Tetard (1880-1903), Paris, together with a silver-plated kettle and stove, and a 12-piece silver dish set, by Eugene Michaut (1882-1896), Paris, in a wooden box signed "Moutot, 18, rue de la Paix, Paris".