Lot 182

In fruitwood veneer, blackened wood, inlaid with tortoiseshell and ivory, wood painted in imitation of tortoiseshell, the facade decorated with mythological scenes opens with twelve drawers around a central leaf revealing an interior theatre decorated with mirrors, the floor with geometric decoration of cubes, resting on a plinth and claw feet enclosing a ball sphere; the later period base supported by six ringed columns; accidents and missing parts.
Cabinet Dimensions :
H. : 123 cm (48 ½ in.)
l. Width: 118.5 cm (46 ½ in.)
P. W.: 40 cm (15 ¾ in.)
Dimensions of the base :
H. H.: 91.5 cm (36 in.)
l. Width : 124,5 cm (49 in.)
P. : 45 cm (17 ¾ in.)
Provenance :
Acquired from the Gismondi Gallery.
A 17th century fruitwood, ebonised, tortoiseshell and ivory inlaid cabinet, probably Flemish, on a later stand.
* Information for buyers:
Batch consisting of organic material from endangered species, import or export restrictions may apply or a CITES certificate may be required.
For an exit from the EU, a CITES re-export certificate may be required, which is the responsibility of the future buyer.
Any consignment containing an ivory component, regardless of its date of execution or certificate of origin, cannot be imported into the United States under the legislation that applies there.
* Information to buyers:
Lot made of organic materials from endangered species, import or export restrictions may apply, a CITES certificate may be required. Each country has its own law-making about it. Any potential buyer must check, before bidding, if he is entitled to import this lot within his country of residence.
For an exit from the EU, a re-export CITES certificate may be necessary and will be at the future buyer's expense.
Any lot which containing an element made of ivory cannot be imported in the United States as its legislation bans its trade whatever its dating may be.