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Florentine school of the second half of the 17th or early 18th century, surrounded by Giuseppe Piamontini (1664-1742) Bust of a woman in white marble Posing on a red marble pedestal probably veined red marble probably reported Total height: 90 cm (35 ½ in.) Pedestal height: 23 cm (9 in.) Related literature : K. Lankheit, "Florentinische Barockplastik", Munich, 1962, pp. 165-8 Related works : Giuseppe Piamontini, "Female Bust", white marble bust, H.: 88 cm; Florence, Palazzo Pitti, No. 622. Giuseppe Piamontini, "Female Bust", head turned to the right, white marble bust, H.: 85 cm; Florence, Palazzo Pitti, No. 628. A white marble group depicting a woman's bust, Florentine school, second half of the 17th century or early 18th century, circle of Giuseppe Piamontini (1664-1742) We find here the double influence, both Roman and Florentine, of Giuseppe Piamontini who was a pupil of Foggini before completing his training in Rome under Ercole Ferrata and Ciro Ferri. The features of our portrait are reminiscent of those of the Young Women in Bust preserved in Palazzo Pitti in Florence. Our bust has the same type of ample and supple drapery. The whole bust oscillates between the dynamism of the Florentine Baroque and the more Roman mastery of Piamontini and his followers at the beginning of the 18th century in Florence.

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