Lot 282

culture, Campeche, Mexico
End of the Classical - Beginning of the Post-Classical, ca
. 900 AD 61 cm
Hard brown-beige stone2500/3000
Rectangular shape fractured at the base showing the torso of a man with hands in slight relief brought back to the belly. Head sculpted in high relief, square in shape, showing a face with thick cheeks framing a long straight nose, itself surrounded by small closed eyes with closed eyelids. The skull is covered with a simple hairstyle with a small central bun coming back to the forehead. The upper part of the stele supports a pattern of incised glyphs.
Provenance: Alfred Stendhal
Gallery, Los Angeles, 1960s Franco Monti
Collection, 1960s-1970s
Art of the Maya civilization, exhibition from September 4 to October 5, 1957, Martin Widdifield Gallery, New York, p. 22
Arte Precolombiana del Messico e Dell'America Centrale, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome, November-December 1960, described under n°558
Africa America precolombiana Oceanie, La Nuova Pesa, Rome, exhibition from 22 December 1961 to 13 January 1962, n°68
Constanti Poetiche nell'Arte, Galerie Blu, Milan, January 1962, described and photographed under n°31

Location of the item
France - 75008 Paris