Lot 450

Qajar sword signed Aḥmad Ṣāgāwī (?)
Iran for Arabia, 19th century
with a straight double-edged blade with double central grooves in damascus steel. It is damascened in gold on the flat with arabesques and Arabic inscriptions: signature of the maker and blessings. The frame is made of bronzed steel with a curved guard, inverted quillons at the ends in the shape of a makara head, and a handle with a trefoid pommel; it is entirely decorated with engraved foliage, flowers and animals damascened in gold. The wooden scabbard is covered with black leather between the stamped cap and bouterolle. The two trimmings are in vermeil. The peaks of the bélière ring are inlaid with gold forming a decoration of flowers and animals. Wear and dirt.
L. 89cm

A Qajar gold damascened inlaid watered steel blade, signed, Iran, 19th Century
double-edged blade with thin central raiser, bearing gold-inlaid inscriptions in Arabic and signature; scabbard with two-pieces grip with langets, quillons faced towards the blade ending in stylized elephant's heads.