Lot 8

-Yellow gold LOT (750‰) comprising:
- a pair of SLEeve BUTTONS decorated with a cultured pearl and black enamel. Gross weight: 13,3 g.
- a "star" CRAVAT PINK set with a brilliant-cut diamond (trace of soldering). Gross weight: 1 g.
- three openwork PENDANTS, (religious, shell cameo, cultured pearl). Gross weight: 5,6 g.
- two CHAINS. Gross weight: 11,9 g.
- three openwork PINCHES, chiselled. Weight: 8,4 g.
- one pair of chiselled EAR CLOWS. Missing a clasp. Weight: 1,2 g.
- LIP BRACELET WATCH round ladies' watch. White dial. Mechanical movement. Leather strap. Dial and case signed LIP. Cal. 17 g. Gross weight: 12.1 g. Total gross weight: 53.6 g.
A 14-carat pink gold "signet ring" (585‰) with a cornelian plate is attached.
Gross weight: 5,8 g.