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Nimai gusoku samurai armor. Technique of black lacquered hon-kozane slats, the odoshi lacing is made by light blue, dark blue and white kebiki silk cords inspired by an ancient model. This armour includes: a breastplate completed by shoulder pads "Sode", by a weapon skirt with eight "Kusazuri" cassettes, by "Tsutsu kote" type armbands, lacquered iron plates for the forearm, plates taken in iron mesh on a brocade background and completed by an apron with two "Haidate" shorts, ending with "Suneate" shin guard strikes. On the upper part of the neck is protected by a "Nodowa" gorgerin and the face by a "Menpo" mask in "Yasurime" style. The helmet is of the "Ôboshi hoshi kabuto" type, a technique of nailing protruding rivets, and is accompanied by a large "Shikoro" neck cover made of two imposing "Fukikaeshi" fins with golden copper trim. The "Kamon" coat of arms represents the Honda clan. Japanese work. Period: 18th century, Edo period. Resting on a wooden support. (*). H.(without base):+/-130cm.

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Belgique - B-1180 - bruxelles
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