Lot 102

Pair of large Louis XVI style candelabra in bronze with a black patina and chased and gilded bronze with a shaft in the shape of a "Young Woman in Antiquity" in the round holding a horn of plenty from which three arms of light
escape Round base veneered with lapis lazuli and square base in bronze
Entourage by François Remond (circa 1746-1812), Received master gilder-chiseler in 1774) and from the bronze-maker Jean-Rémy Carrangeot (XVIII-XIXth) Parisian
work, late XVIIIth-early XIXth
H period: 96 cm

Provenance: château de la Roquette (Hainaut) A copy of a document signed by Marcel Berkowitch on 21/10/92
is attached.