Lot 273

Attributed to Anto CARTE (1886-1954)
Rare bronze box with brown patina richly decorated in bas-relief of the loves of the gods such as "Mars and Venus surprised by Jupiter", "Daphne and Apollo" or "Diana and Endymion" Bow
Probably made by the DEVROYE workshops, goldsmiths in Brussels
15 x 29.8 x 24 cm
(accidents, restoration)

A series of 9 bronze keys with a brown patina is attached, each decorated with a bas-relief scene illustrating the function of the room for which it is intended (for example, "Monk in front of a barrel" for the cellar, "Carrying chair" for the garage...)
Several are monogrammed DF for Devroye Frères
L: +/-10 cm
(a broken key)

Around 1933-35, a house is built in Uccle at the request of Pierre Ansiau and decorated by Anto Carte. This box was made for his office and the keys for different doors of this house.