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Africa - DURAND (Jean-Baptiste Léonard). Voyage to Senegal made in the years 1785 and 1786; containing the historical, philosophical and political description of the settlements and trade of the Europeans in the seas of the Atlantic Ocean, from Cap Blanc to the river Serra-Léone inclusively; followed by the account of a journey by land from Ile Saint-Louis to Galam; and the Arabic text of three trade treaties made by the author with the princes of the country, reviewed by M. Silvestre de Sacy. Paris, Dentu, 1807.
2 vol. in-8 of 4]-lvi-359-[1] pp. ; [4]-383-[1] pp. Half vellum with small corners, smooth spine, p. of title and blue and red tom. (contemporary binding).
Second edition. The text is the account of the journey of an employee of the Company made, by land, in January and February 1786 from Saint Louis to Galam on the Upper Senegal.
Attached is an atlas to be used for the trip to Senegal. Paris, Agasse, Year 10 - 1802. In-4 de viij-(4)-67 pp., portrait, 43 plates including 16 folding maps and 27 figure plates. Havana half calf with small corners, decorated smooth spine, gilt title (modern binding in the taste of the period).
Original edition. The atlas gives the text of the commercial treaties made by Citizen Durand with the Moorish princes of the right bank of Senegal, about gum and captives, with the Arabic text and the French translation by Silvestre de Sacy, on two French and Arabic columns. Text pages and large, uncropped margin plates. Nice condition, very fresh. (Slight small wet spots in the lower margin of the last 6 plates). This atlas is independent of the text of the 2 volumes.
Jean-Baptiste Léonard Durand (1742-1812) was the director of the Senegal Company from 1785 to 1786.
Very good copy.