Lot 144

Africa - SANSON d'ABBEVILLE (Nicolas). AFRICA in several new and accurate maps &. in various treatises of Geography and History. Paris, chez l'autheur, 1662.
In-4 of [1] f. title, 96 pp. and 18 maps on double page with watercoloured outlines at the time. Posterior half vellum (19th century), red morocco title piece.
Second so-called "B" edition, unchanged, of the atlas of Africa of the prolific cartographer from Abbevile, Nicolas I Sanson (1600-1667), the father. The third of the four treatises in-4, each devoted to a continent (Europe, Asia, Africa and America), which the author edited himself after having printed large maps of Africa. The maps are dated 1656, the date of the original edition, but the dedication to Nicolas Fouquet has been removed in the meantime for this edition. They are accompanied by descriptions borrowed from elders (Pliny, Strabon) or from travellers' accounts.
Very slight light wetness in places. Nice copy.