Lot 182

Central America - BLANCHARD (Henri-Pierre-Léon-Pharamond) & DAUZATS (A.). San Juan de Ulùa, or Relation of the French expedition to Mexico, under the orders of Rear Admiral Baudin; followed by notes and documents, and a general overview of the present state of Texas, by E. Maissin. Published by order of the King, under the auspices of Baron Tupinier, then Minister of the Navy. Paris, Gide, 1839.
Grand in-8, VII (XII)-591 pp., with vignettes in the text and 18 off-text plates on applied China, copy in which pp. X-XII (tables) were bound at the end, and not after the opening pieces, as expected, half-ruined, smooth spine decorated lengthwise, tr. speckled (binding of the period). Corners and cuts rubbed, but good copy.
There are two editions of this book at the same date: one with the plates of the painter Blanchard (1805-1873, attached to the 1838 expedition), the other without.
The book, an official publication, relates the first French expedition to Mexico, that of 1838, almost forgotten in comparison with the second, the "great thought of the reign" of Napoleon III. Provoked by the same disputes between the two countries, it was exclusively naval and, placed under the orders of Charles Baudin (1784-1854), newly appointed Rear Admiral, it was in fact reduced to the bombing of the fortress of San Juan d'Ulloa, which commanded access to Vera-Cruz and capitulated in 24 hours (27 November 1838). This feat earned Baudin the rapid rise to the rank of vice-admiral (22 January 1839).
Copy of Lieutenant Commander Billeheust de Saint-Georges. (Sabin, 5832.)