Lot 276

Egypt - VIVANT DENON (Dominique Vivant, Baron Denon says). Journey to Lower and Upper Egypt during General Bonaparte's campaigns. Paris, Henri Gaugain et Cie - Caillou, 1829.
2 volumes of texts in-8, half-chagrin with corners, spine with nerves and a slightly lighter half-chagrin atlas.
Portrait of Vivant Denon in frontispiece engraved by Garnier after R. Lefèvre.
The atlas contains 143 plates drawn by Vivant Denon including two maps. Some plates contain several figures; three plates are double and four are folded and quadrupled.
The plates represent sites as well as fights, Egyptian portraits, texts, bas-reliefs. These plates were sometimes drawn at the risk of the author's life.
Qqs freckles in the text and epiderminations on both plates. Qqs epiderminations on the plates of the atlas.
Very good condition of the plates.
Vivant Denon (1747-1825) accompanied General Bonaparte to Egypt in 1798. He drew the Egyptian sites on the spot. This work revealed to the world the extraordinary richness of Egypt and gave rise to a true Egyptomania and a "Return from Egypt" style. Vivant Denon was then director of the Louvre. He is considered a great precursor of museology, art history and Egyptology.