Lot 392

Russia - MORNAY. [Views of St. Petersburg]. London, Edward Orme, 1815.
Suite of 12 plates, about 33 x 45 cm, in sheets.
The plates are engraved in aquatint by Clarck and Dubourgh, after Mornay's drawings, coloured and finely gouached by hand (for the figures, the cars and some details).
They represent various views of the city of Saint Petersburg: bank and large shops; marble palace; square of the great theatre; imperial palace; square and statue of Peter the Great; the port, Moika canal; the Neva bridge; fields of Mars; Casan square.
The legends are in English and French and each plate, dedicated to one of the twelve months of the year, is animated by characters and street scenes related to the month in question: horse-drawn carriages; sleighs, military parade, street merchants, boats, beggars, passers-by, soldiers around a fire...
Nice copy.