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DE L'ISLE (Guillaume) & BUACHE (Philippe). Geographical Atlas of the four parts of the world by Guillaume de l'Isle and Phil. Buache... Paris, Desauche, sd (1779-1785). In-plano, mounted on tabs, blue cardboard of the time. Title, Catalogue of the maps that make up the study atlas and includes in the numbering the title, the list and the 37 maps. 37 coloured maps: Europe, Asia, Africa, America in double page. In the middle of the work have been inserted 2 maps of France by Delamarche (1829) and 2 maps of Spain, one of which by Hérisson (1809) for a total of 41 maps. Then were added 5 maps of French departments by Chanlaire, a large general folding map of Europe by Hérisson, 7 various coloured tables (1811), 2 maps of the English Channel including a watercolour manuscript, 1 large map of the surroundings of Paris, Map of the Mediterranean by Lapie (1811), Map of the province of Constantine (1837) and 12 small various maps. Two restored maps, with clear wetted areas in the lower part of the first maps.