Lot 441

Chantilly. Management of the woods and forests of the Chantilly estate. Paris, Lemercier, 1862-1868.
In-folio, half green basane, smooth back decorated with mute, title in gold letters on the first plate.
The work is composed of a manuscript title, and 8 plans, 7 of them on double page, engraved by Erlard, printed in Paris by Lemercier, and watercolored at the time.
The plans were taken by the surveyor H. C. Réthoré, under the direction of the forest inspector Clavé. The Chantilly estate was then the property of Henri d'Orléans, Duke of Aumale. At the time of the realization of this atlas, the duke, son of Louis-Philippe, was in exile in England from where he supervised the management of his estate. On his return from exile in 1871, he had a new castle built on the ruins of the old one, largely destroyed during the revolution.
List of plans, with the date of completion:
- Forêt du Lys; Bois de royaumont, February 1868.
- Forest of Coye, meadows and quarries belonging to the estate, March 1867.
- Forest of Chantilly, September 1867.
- Forest of Pontarmé, November 1867.
- Grand parc de Chantilly, December 1865.
- Wood of St Maximin; wood of la Coharde, June 1867 (single leaf).
- Forest of Haute Pommeray, November 1866.
- Courtillet farm and its outbuildings, November 1868.
The map of the forests with the names of the paths crossing them, the rivers (including the Oise), the railway lines, the ponds, as well as the map of the villages and hamlets. The maps are oriented, the scale is 1/10 000°, the relief is marked by hatching.
It is a rare collection of maps of the Chantilly estate that are not all found in public collections. The National Library has a copy of the Chantilly park (not watercoloured) and the Condé library, at the Château de Chantilly, has one or more copies of the maps of the forests of Coye, Chantilly, Pontarmé, and the Courtillet farm.
Small tear without missing in the foreground, last plans split at the fold and with some tears in the margins. Used caps and corners, rubbed bits, missing lower back.